UK Pub Slots

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The variety of the UK pub slots available for players to choose from is fantastic as there are a great amount of different fun and creative themes for players to choose from. The themes of the range of different UK pub slots have a very specific style which is very lighthearted and comic which players will really enjoy. The themes of the pub games are much more relaxed and fun than some of the more serious slot games that can be found in the range of casino slot titles. The themes of the various UK pub slots include Aliens launching an attack on earth but instead of using weapons they throw cash at the humans. The other comical themes include a billionaire granny whose husband passed away leaving her a fortune to spend on toy boys and round the world cruises. The other hilarious theme that players can enjoy is a funny and entertaining take on the English social group the chav, the game shows these people in a funny manner. The themes of the UK pub slots are all designed to make players laugh and provide an amusing and light hearted playing session.

The differences and advantages between the ranges of UK casino slot vs UK pub slot are numerous and will suit different types of players. The game play of the two different types of slot games is the biggest difference between the two genres of games. The casino games offer players the chance to win larger jackpots and often offer progressive jackpots which are life changing sums of money. The casino slots also operate on large slot formats which can be up to five reels and thirty win lines. The casino slots also offer numerous bonus rounds and base their results purely on a player’s luck. The UK pub slots operate on much smaller formats generally three reels and one win line creating a much simpler and easier looking game. The UK pub slots only offer one bonus round which tests a players skills and judgment abilities and rewards these with money. The interactive and involving style of the UK pub slots is the biggest difference between to two types of games and certain players will love having their abilities tested for cash. The jackpot in the range UK pub slots are generally a lot lower but more accessible as they are awarded based on players decisions.

The interactive and involving game play features of the range of UK pub slots include nudges, holds, high / low gamble and skill stopper. The nudges allow players the opportunity to move reels down in order to bring new symbols into the winning line. The hold feature gives players the chance to keep certain reels in the same place whilst the others spin in an effort to create a winning line. The high / low gamble feature in the range of UK pub slots gives players the challenge of predicting the next number spun in on the screen. The player is presented with a number between one and twelve and then has to guess if the next number will be higher or lower than the one shown. The skill stopper feature that is commonly seen across the range of UK pub slots tests player’s reflexes and rewards them with cash. The skill stopper shows a player a flashing light and asks them to stop the flashing light on the right section to win the prize. The combination of the different skill challenges in the range of UK pub slots creates a highly entertaining and enjoyable playing experience.

The style of visual effects across the range of UK pub slots is excellent as it brilliantly brings the games various light hearted themes to life. The different light hearted themes are presented with a very comic level of cartoon animation that is full of colour and presents a very amusing set of images. One of the funniest UK pub slots in terms of the cartoon animation that is used is the Apocalypse Cow slot. This slot shows a colourful cartoon animated cow dressed as a solider armed with a gun running across the Vietnamese jungle. The cow has a very dopey and goofy face which is one of the highlights of the slots hilarious appearance. The other UK pub slots all have a very similar style of cartoon animation which is full of colour and very visually appealing. The sound effects across the range of UK pub slots are also very amusing as they all feature themed voices which say phrases a funny accent. The background sound effects in all of the various slots are all themed and create an excellent overall atmosphere for players to enjoy. The combination of the visual and sound effects used across the range of games are of the highest standard and players will love the overall atmosphere that’s created.

The Game on game is a great example of a typical UK pub slots as it fully fulfills the theme, game play and visual / sound effects that are expected from a pub slot. The theme of the slot is a crazy and very funny concept as it is based on an animal football world cup. The animal football world cup theme is great as it is a totally fantasy reality that could never occur in the real world. The visual effects that are used are fantastic as they include different colourful cartoon animations to display the various animals. The animals are also detailed in soccer jerseys and with personalized faces that look fantastic on the screen. The cartoon style of visual effects is in keeping with the rest of the UK pub slots and it is very entertaining and amusing. The game play offered to players in this game is typical of the range of UK pub slots as they include both nudges and holds and one bonus round. The bonus round features a skill stopper which tests players reflexes and rewards them with cash prizes. The overall conclusion of the UK pub slots is that they offer players a highly entertaining and fun playing experience which is very enjoyable.